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Image by Roksolana Zasiadko

Enter the sacred portal to
The Rose & the Raven Mystery School...

The Rose is a sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine in all her forms. She represents beauty, love, the priestess path, fertility, light, sensuality and mystical gnosis. Those who walk the path of the Rose are a true expression of the Goddess.


The Raven is a sacred symbol of the dark. A shapeshifter, messenger, creator, bestower of magic and the gatekeeper to the other realms. Those who walk the path of the Raven immerse themselves in the potency of the dark womb for true transformation.

Let your journey begin...

Sisters, do you long for connection to the Divine Feminine?

Do you feel a yearning to go deeper into the inner realms of wisdom?

Would you like to live more in rhythm with the heart beat of Mother Earth?

Image by Alexandru Boicu

The Rose & the Raven Mystery School offerings connect your inner wisdom with the outer world.


In ancient times, mystery schools were potent and powerful places of esoteric and spiritual learning, where initiates would devote themselves to sacred wisdom paths.


There was great reverence and respect for the natural world and the unseen magic within that sacred connection. 

We have grown disconnected in our modern life from the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the deep bond we possessed with the Great Mother and all her children.

It is time to reclaim what has been hidden!

Through the turn of the seasons, the phases of the moon, Divine Feminine teachings, ancient wisdom and intuitive guidance ... The Rose & the Raven Mystery School opens the doors to awakening your most authentic self.

Enter the sacred portal today! 


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