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Barbara Ann is a soulful modern day mystic who has been walking

the path of gnosis since she can remember.


Coming from a long line of intuitives, clairvoyants and wisdom holders, she has always connected to the other realms with ease. Her Celtic, Germanic, Ukrainian and Eastern European lineage weaves together wisdom teachings that are rooted in the sacredness of Mother Earth, animism and the Divine Feminine. She is a firm believer that all beings have a spirit and are connected in the great web of life.


A certified yoga teacher, energy worker, author, oracle card reader, sacred space holder and Priestess, with more than 13 years experience, Barbara Ann guides others on an illuminated path of spiritual discovery in a unique and potent way. She has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and numerous trainings in the healing arts that allow for her unique blend of guidance and wisdom shares.

Within the heart expression of The Rose & the Raven Mystery School offerings,

Barbara Ann provides a sacred space for sisters of all ages and backgrounds to come together in unity, love and holy wisdom. Her greatest joy is to guide others to awaken their magick,connect with the Great Mother and to live more in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

She can often be found speaking to the winged ones, communing with the trees, meditating by the ocean with her magical fur baby, Merlin and traveling to her spiritual home in the UK and Ireland where she steeps in the energy of the

Goddess and all that is sacred.

Barbara Ann Smeltzer

Creatrix - Wisdom Keeper - Priestess - Intuitive

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