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Celtic Wisdom & Moon Magic©
Spiral Path

February - December 2023

Sisters, do you long for deeper connection

with Spirit and the Great Mother?


Do you have a yearning to create more meaning in your celebrations that are rooted in ancient ways?

Do you hear the call to join in sacred sisterhood through the seasons?

The Celtic Wisdom & Moon Magic Spiral Program takes a deep, immersive dive into the Wheel of the Year and the influence of the moon and cosmos during each seasonal shift.

We will work with the magic and sacredness of each Sabbat - four fire festivals, two solstices and two equinoxes - the lunar cycle, Goddess Archetypes, seasonal self-care, animal, plant and tree wisdom which corresponds to the particular turn in

the Wheel of the Year. 

The Celtic Wisdom & Moon Magic© Spiral Path includes:

18 hours of virtual immersive teachings & wisdom shares

Welcome and Opening Ceremony Video for each Spiral


Wheel of the Year Download and Lunar Cycle Chart (PDF)


Celtic Wisdom & Moon Magic© Workbook (PDF) which includes

seasonal wisdom and self-care, ritual and alter suggestions,

embodiment practices, journal prompts and more!

Invitation to attend the *Litha/Summer Solstice Gathering and

*Samhain/Celtic New Year Gathering at a discounted rate (*33% off)

*Dates and details will be shared in early 2023.The 33% discount applies to those

sisters who sign up for all three Spirals by February 1st).

Investment: $133 per Spiral or $333 for all three (Savings of $66)




Ostara/Spring Equinox



The Emerging Season

Our first spiral takes us to The Emerging Season of new beginnings and the growing light within us and around us. It is here that the Emerging Woman/Maiden energy begins to appear with all her possibility and potential!


Imbolc, traditionally known as the first day of Spring, brings hope that winter’s thaw is approaching and new life is forming below the surface, waiting for its great reveal. We work

with the Celtic Goddess Brigid - triple Goddess of the hearth, midwives, metalsmith, poetry.


Ostara (Spring Equinox) arrives with its budding flowers and greens as the days grow longer and the sun’s activating rays become more warm. We begin to emerge with the full potential of possibility that is ripe with life and expression as we move towards 


Beltane, traditionally known as the first day of Summer or peak of spring. It is here, that our sensual and carefree spark of creation is ignited as the fields fill in and the days grow longer. 

Imbolc - February 5th

Ostara - March 19th

Beltane - April 30th

All gathering times will be 2 - 4 pm AST/ADT


Litha/Summer Solstice

Lammas 3.jpeg


Fall Equinox 2.jpeg

Mabon/Autumn Equinox

The Abundant Season

Our second spiral takes us to The Abundant Season where activation  and external expression are at their fullest. The Creatrix/Mother energy shows us the beauty of labour, birthing our full expression into the world.


Litha, is the longest day and shortest night of the year - Mid-Summer -the Summer Solstice. As the sun stands still, we are called to soak up the potency of the solar fire, allowing it to move us forward to action. All of our dream-seeds we have planted and tended to during the previous few months are now in full bloom.


Lughnasadh The first fruits of the harvest greet us at this time of the year, where we taste the ripeness of the season. The first grain is harvested to bake bread, the sustenance  of life.


Mabon(Autumn Equinox) brings the cornucopia of nourishment which runs over as the abundance of the harvest peaks. The days are shortening, the nights grow longer, the air cools as we begin to prepare for the approaching Dark Season. 

Litha - June 18th

Lughnasadh - July 30th

Mabon- September 24th

All gathering times will be 2 - 4 pm AST/ADT

Samhain celebration.jpeg




The Dark Season

Our third spiral takes us to The Dark Season, where we surrender to the figurative and literal "death" of the season shifting in our natural and inner worlds.The Wise Woman/Crone energy

supports us in stirring our sacred cauldron of creation as we move towards

the knowing that the light will return. 


Samhain (Celtic New Year)invites us to release 


Samhain,(Celtic New Year) 

Yule (Winter Solstice)


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