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"Barbara Ann is a gifted intuitive and natural communicator. Her workshops are informative, empowering and always leave me feeling more grounded and connected to Spirit. Learning about the Wheel of the Year has been a reminder of the interconnectedness we share with nature's cycles and rhythms. It has helped me with self-flection and brought awareness that life is in a constant state of change...embracing this ebb and flow of life brings balance and clarity to our lives."

Laura - Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

"Barbara Ann possesses a deep insight and conveys profound wisdom in her teachings. She transcends the darkness, shining light imbued with love and compassion on all she touches. Taking part in the workshops has been a time of serenity, peace, and unconditional love. They have given me the chance to foster a deeper understanding of, and connection to, myself and the universe.”

Lisa - St.Catherine's, Ontario

"Barbara Ann's workshops provided messages and insight into the year to help guide me and help tap into the energies of my highest good. She provides wonderful prescriptive readings that provided great comfort and perspective. She shows up with great presence and intention, creating a space of calm and wisdom"

Tara - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

"The Rose & the Raven Mystery School has provided me with a beautiful and sacred framework to move through life. The offerings have greatly enhanced my connection to Source, Mother Nature, divine masters and the sacred feminine within. The Wheel of the Year celebrations have given me a depth and appreciation of the seasonal shifts and how connected we are in so many ways."

Alyssa - Waverley, Nova Scotia 

"I had a great Soul Session with Barbara Ann, it was detailed and full of uplifting messages! I felt every word she said and absolutely adored her delivery - I truly felt I entered a sacred and safe space with her. The overall experience was warm, loving and full of light changed my point of view on things and that night I could really sleep better." 

Nancy - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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